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Candle's Korner

Glamour Wax Warmer

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These wonderful ceramic wax warmer are perfect for diffusing essential oil or soy wax melts throughout your home to create refreshing scents. They come in different glittered colour glazes bedazzled with shiney diamonds. They will look great in just about any modern home. 


  • Handmade from natural clay
  • Interconnected tealight chamber and oil dish
  • Great for use with relaxing scents
  • Suitable for essential oil and wax melts
  • Comes with Wax Warmer Protector 
  • Perfect gift

The way that the wax warmer is manufactured is also important, as is the size of it. A good oil burner is one in which you can use essential oils and wax melts. This flexibility means that you can do more with yours without needing to purchase another one. 


Place a Wax Melt Warmer Protector on the top of Wax Warmer. Then place one Wax Melt inside the Protector. Insert a tealight candle inside of Wax Melt Warmer and light it. The Protector will protect your Wax Melt Warmer from a mess as the wax melts down to it's desires aroma.


Oil burners can be made of almost any material from brass metal, and glass to ceramic, Himalayan salt, and soapstone. Each material has its own pros and cons in terms of visual aesthetics and usability. All the material can be suitable for use as an wax warmer but the one that is right for you very much depends on what you like.

If you have an industrial themed home, you may be better off opting for a metal wax warmer, although these are harder to purchase as they are a less popular option. The two materials that are the most popular for wax warmer are soapstone and ceramic. Soapstone talc comes from the ground and contains silica which can be harmful to health if you are exposed to the dust particles and as these wax warmer are hand-carved by artisans this increases the risks for both the consumer and the creator. Ceramic is the best material for oil burners and here's why.

Ceramic is made from natural clay and water, it is natural and can be shaped however the maker desires. It is waterproof and can be customised with paint glazes. It is a sustainable material that is eco-friendly, also ceramic is more porous than glass which means that it will hold the heat better keeping the wax warmer for longer.


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