Ten To Be Lit



Ten To Be Lit was created so that we can make better candles. In order to help us make the perfect candles we have decided to sale our tester candles.

Testers Candles- Tester Candles are the very first candle made. This candle helps to determine if the candle is suitable for the shop. 

Due to the materials and supply cost we will be selling Tester Candles starting at $10. Bigger Tester Candles will be $15. You will be asked to give a review on the Tester Candle. When you give your review you will be given a Code to receive $10 off your next regular purchase.

Once you sign up for Ten To Be Lit you will be emailed a Welcome letter, consent, and given a membership code that can be used at check out.

Our goal is to make safe and sufficient products and with your help we can become the success we know that we are. We really appreciate your help. 


Please Fill out the section below to sign up for Ten To Be Lit. Join our Facebook Group to be the first to see the new creations "Ten To Be Lit"